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Aurora Electrico Is Your #1 Reliable Affordable Electric Bike Manufacturer & Supplier In China

Thoughtfully chosen components package: Bafang or Bosch motor, Samsung or LG battery, Tektro dis break, etc

What we claim is what our bikes perform in the real world. We test several e-bikes from every batch before shipping to ensure they live up to what we’ve claimed.

 The strict quality inspection process: Each of our affordable e-bikes is produced under a very strict QC process, from the inspection of original materials to come all the way to the riding test for finished products

For most consumers, buying affordable e-bikes from Amazon or Aliexpress, or other Pandora’s boxes is seemingly like gambling because of the fact that e-bikes are not cheap products. Only a few manufacturers keep quality in mind when producing budget e-bikes compared to many others who just put little effort into the capabilities of their cheap bikes. It’s hard to find a sweet spot between the low price and high quality of electric bicycles and to challenge to get a low price bike that lives up to what it claimed, but that’s not impossible.

There are a lot of eBikes under $1000 in the market for users to choose from, but once they put quality, performance, and capabilities under consideration, many eBikes would be cut off from their list.

As a distributor or a brand in the eBike business. If you are going to find the best e-bikes adding to your budget products line or want to create a new budget-friendly eBike, you will get benefits from this page by knowing what the end-users need, when choosing a cheap bike, and what you could do to make your affordable e-bikes stand out from its peers.

In the end, we will give you a brief introduction to AuroraElectrico, which is the leading e-bike manufacturer in China. You will know what AuroraElectrico could bring you to help your business grow and how they can make their affordable bike remain high quality.

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    Two Tips We Suggest To End-users You Need To Know When They Pick The Best Affordable E-bikes

    1, Notice the fact that cheap price e-bikes don’t have chock-full of features like premium bikes do, so you should focus your eyes on things with the highest-weighted that you expected a basic e-bike should have, such as reliability and longevity.

    2, Drivetrains and suspensions are two good features for fun and comfortable rides, but they may not be that necessary to you.

    ebike drivetrain and suspension

    Even with no suspension, know that fat tires can still give you a comfortable feeling in most conditions, and a bike with only one gear can be a decent hill climber as well.

    You will significantly reduce your cost by choosing a single-speed without suspension systems bike instead of the branded 7-speed drivetrains with thick suspension forks, which are expensive components.

    three Ways to Reduce Cost

    What can you do to make an eBike affordable?

    Less Power Motor

    e bike motor

    You can choose the motor powering anywhere from 250 w to 500 watts; as long as the motor is torquey enough to tackle steep hills, it’s no problem taking a long time to reach its top speed of 20mph or 28mph.

    Don’t be afraid of using an ‘underpowered’ motor cause the less power doesn’t necessarily mean the worse climb capability; more on this later.

    Less battery capacity

    ebike battery pack

    36v, 7Ah to 11 Ah is what we see on most e-bikes in this category.

    The bigger the battery, the longer-range it can provide; however, harder to carry around.

    Making the battery less than average will save a high cost and benefit people who don’t often take their bike out for long trips.

    Fewer features

    e bike taillight

    Some cool features such as hydraulic dis brakes, which are more efficient than mechanical ones, will undoubtedly push the bike to the next level, but that doesn’t mean the mechanical brake can not bring a stop quickly. Use mechanical dis brakes for less maintenance requirement, which will outperform traditional rim brakes to save the cost.

    Less can be more; keep the most basic features and cut others down, then use the savings to do more important things to improve its build quality and lifespan.

    What To Do With These Savings?

    Now you’ve got an e-bike with low cost by having a relatively lower power delivery and less range, what should you do with the savings?

    You focus on quality components

    Don’t think it will work well by simply offering an e-bike at a very low price. You don’t want people to think of the low quality of your bikes when they think of cheap.

    You have to focus on the quality; although the bike is cheaper with fewer features, you should still keep an eye on how well it is put together and how long it will last cause these two factors are essential criteria every user is going to watch for even they are choosing a budget bike.

    Simply put, you want to build a budget-friendly eBike while still maintaining high quality relative to its price point.

    What Can You Do To Make An Affordable E-bike Stand Out Among Its Peers?

    Regardless of how cheap the bike is, users want it to be worth their money. Though people won’t expect too many features for the budget, there are still some nifty little features you could add to your budget e-bike series, especially when you are clear to figure out your specific consumers.

    1, Foldable & Durable

    foldable ebike

    For people who don’t want to be held to one style road, like the paved bike path for daily commuting, you want the bike has a foldable frame that is lightweight for easy carrying out and storage; you can use some durable 6060 alloy material to make the frame to ensure that it is solid enough against the vibrations over rough roads, and robust fat tires may necessary to soak up bumps on off-roads.

    2, The Way Of Power Delivery

    ebike mid drive motor

    You could make some adjustments for the motor to make it deliver power gentler when you start pedaling and gradually grow stronger as it gets up to speed.

    Many first-time buyers and casual riders prefer the way power delivery is predictable and comfortable instead of getting an overpowered e-bike that may leap from underneath.

    They would complement the user’s pedal strokes but never takes over them.

    3, Riding Experience

    riding an ebike

    Your e-bike doesn’t have to possess as many excellent features as the other premium bikes. Still, the way every component is put together into an eBike should make for a secure, comfortable, and smooth riding experience.

    Although the cadence sensor is not possibly mounted on a budget e-bike, which can provide more nature pedal assistance according to how much effort the users put in, you can still build a bike with a comfortable natural feeling ride by adjusting thoughtfully chosen affordable components package.

    A good feeling rides refers to never taking over for the rider and always getting users back for what they put into the bike.

    4, Climbing Capability

    ebike climb hills

    Most electric bikes will struggle or come to a stop in a steep hill section during throttle-only modes; well, people are much less likely to complain about a cheap e-bike. Still, you need to make it torquey enough to go through a steep hill without too much struggle at a reasonable pedal assist.

    The more power doesn’t necessarily mean the better climb ability because the torque is the one that determines how well an e-bike performs uphill. We see many affordable e-bikes with just 250-watt motors but can deliver the most noticeable motor assistance on steep hills.

    5, Belt Drive

    belt drive ebike

    The single-speed belt drive requires less maintenance than a standard chain drivetrain and provides a grease-free ride that lasts longer, so consider choosing a belt drive chain.

    Costs don’t always equal the quality.

    Try to make your budget-friendly eBike unique, durable, and last long to worth the user’s hard-earned money and stand out from the competition at a price similarly.

    Cheap is considered something being low quality, but that’s not the case with affordable e-bikes from AuroraElectrico.

    What Has AuroraElectrio Done To Ensure Every E-Bike Is Affordable While Still Being Quality?

    What We Claim Is What Our Bikes Perform In The Real World

    We test several e-bikes from every batch before shipping to ensure they live up to what we’ve claimed. If we declare a bike can go 40 miles in a single charge at its minimum pedal assist level, it can really hit that mile in the real world.

    Thoughtfully Chosen Components Package

    We insist on picking high-quality parts to build every affordable e-bike. And our attention to little details and the craft of how these components add up to one bike makes our e-bike that is durable, solid and lasts for a long time.

    The Strict Quality Control Process

    Each of our affordable e-bikes is produced under a very strict QC process, from the inspection of original materials to come all the way to the riding test for finished products. All these processes are operated by our skilled workers who at least have been working here for one year.

    Warrange and Replacement Parts

    Many cheap e-bikes in the market can not last for over one year or two but don’t worry, that’s not the case with our products.

    AuroraElectrio has been a reputable company in the industry for many years. We back up each bike by offering good customer service and years of warranty. Free replacements parts will be sent immediately if any issues arise

    What Could AuroraElectrico Offer?

    OEM Service

    oem service

    We warmly welcome you for asking for our affordable e-bikes list, and we list all the essential features you want to know about each ebike there, and all bikes on the list could be made printing on your private label- that is what we call OEM service.

    Most specifications claimed on the list for each model were proved to be the same as its real-world performance, so don’t hesitate to pick up your favorite ones and let us know.

    ODM Service

    odm ebike service

    If you want to create a whole new affordable e-bike and want it to stand out from the competition, our strong R&D team will undoubtedly help you reach this goal.

    We have been in the market for several years, and we know what necessary features and add-ons a basic electric bike should have to increase its competitiveness. In addition, our professional engineers can turn these beautiful ideas into reality.

    Getting your great idea and combining it with our recommendations accordingly, our strong R&D team have enormous confidence to create beautiful affordable e-bikes that are competitive.

    Your reliable e-bike partner

    Who We Are

    Our self-balanced scooters were widely accepted in North America and Europe in the year 2015 when our story began.

    With the increasing demands from our clients, our technical team has been developing the IoT controller for shared electric scooters and e-bikes afterward.

    And after getting a lot of very positive feedback, we think we could do something more based on our resources and advantages accumulated over the years. So we got into the market of electric bikes a few years ago.

    At first, we faced challenges, and one was to choose reliable battery suppliers. We got some complaints at the beginning, but we finally overcame the barriers. Our growing supply chain and the challenges we met have shaped what we are today and what we could do to our customers.

    We offer various kinds of ebikes for brand owners, retailers, wholesalers, and fleet operators. We do both OEM and ODM services that are getting more and more good feedback.

    We only choose well-known brands parts to assemble the ebike that is produced under the rigorous quality control process.