Micro-Mobility IoT Hardware For E-Bike Sharing Fleet Management

Are you trying to tap into the booming eBike sharing fleet management but struggling to find the right IoT solution to streamline your operations?

Your solution is at hand!

Welcome to the future of eBike sharing! We offer cutting-edge IoT technology tailored to your needs, ensuring seamless integration with your app and console. Our innovative solutions revolutionize eBike sharing, making it effortless and efficient for you to grow your business.

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All IoT Features For eBike Sharing

As you embark on your eBike sharing project, AuroraElectrico’s comprehensive IoT solutions offer a wide range of features to elevate your business and provide an exceptional user experience. Here’s what we bring to the table

Multiple Network Support

Stay connected with stable and secure connections across various network modes, including 2G, NB, and LTM cat M1.

Italy-based secret LTE-CATM1 network module Advantage: Exclusively for AuroraElectrico, our compact module boasts superior connectivity, battery life, and security as well as enhancing data privacy sensitivity compared to SIMCOMM or Chinese brands.

Experience long-lasting battery life, efficient processing, and versatile connectivity for a seamless eBike sharing experience.

Tilt Detection

Enhance rider safety and prevent misuse with real-time monitoring of your eBike’s tilt status.

High-Precision GPS

Keep tabs on your eBikes with pinpoint accuracy (up to 2.5 meters), ensuring efficient fleet management.

Customizable Voice Support

Our powerful speaker with voice support boosts safety and enjoyment for riders.

TFT Display

Delight users with easy-to-follow instructions and real-time information for a smooth ride.

Adjustable Speed Limit

Remotely set maximum speed limits to comply with local regulations and prioritize safety.


Keep your eBikes within designated areas, simplifying fleet management and operations.

Regular Self-Check

Ensure top-notch eBike performance with automatic diagnostics.

ESIM Support

Benefit from flexible connectivity and security with both NANO physical SIM card slots and eSIM support.

Discover how these powerful IoT features can revolutionize your eBike sharing business, driving user satisfaction to new heights.

Ebikes Mobility Solution

We offer two flexible cooperation methods for integrating our IoT solutions into your sharing eBikes business

Our eBike mobility solution is designed to cater to the unique needs of eBike-sharing operators. Choose the most suitable cooperation method for your business. Get A Solution now

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1: Your Specified Factory:

Purchase IoT devices from us and choose your preferred eBike vehicle factory. We will first establish serial port protocol compatibility, followed by integration with your backend system. This three-way collaboration ensures a seamless connection between our IoT devices, your eBikes, and your management console.

2: We Recommend:

We can recommend vehicle factories that we have previously collaborated with, as they already have compatible serial port protocols with us in place. This option accelerates the delivery schedule and saves you the hassle and communication costs associated with integrating our IoT devices with a new factory.

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Why Choose AuroraElectrico

When it comes to your eBike-sharing business, our IoT solutions stand out for all the right reasons

leading iot provider
Leading IoT Provider

One of the strongest in the industry. Stay ahead with our innovative, top-tier IoT technology.

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Rock-solid Security

AuroraElectrico IoT solutions prioritize security and data privacy, ensuring that your users' information stays protected at all times.

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Easy Compatibility

AuroraElectrico IOT devices play well with various backend systems, making integration a breeze and reducing hassle for your business.

dedicated support
Dedicated Support

Enjoy efficient customer service to tackle any challenge, available 24/7 to assist you.

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Case 1: Revolutionizing User Experience and Attracting Investment

“As an eBike-sharing operator, our goal was to revolutionize the user experience and attract significant investment for scaling our operations. We chose AuroraElectrico’s IoT solutions for their advanced features, compatibility. By integrating their technology into our eBikes, we were able to create a user-friendly, innovative product that caught the attention of both users and investors.

As a result, we secured substantial investment, allowing us to expand our production and distribution. Working with AuroraElectrico has been a game-changer for us. Their IoT technology has transformed our eBikes and opened up new opportunities for growth and success.”


Case 2: Salvaging Brand Reputation and Building a Strong Presence

“As a growing eBike-sharing company, we faced several challenges that threatened our brand reputation. We needed reliable IoT technology to support our goals of exceptional user experience and operational efficiency. That’s when we discovered AuroraElectrico and its cutting-edge IoT solutions.

Partnering with AuroraElectrico, we integrated their IoT technology into our eBikes, providing seamless connectivity, enhanced security, and easy fleet management. This collaboration allowed us to address the issues that were hurting our brand, turning things around and ultimately building a strong presence in the market.

Thanks to AuroraElectrico’s IoT solutions and their 24/7 support, we have managed to salvage our brand reputation and create a loyal customer base.”

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How Get Started

Here’s the simple process for integrating our IoT solutions:

personalized consultation

Personalized Consultation

Reach out to us and discuss your unique requirements.

Collaboration Method

Choose between buying IoT devices from us and selecting your vehicle manufacturer or using our recommended pre-integrated manufacturers.

collaboration method
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Integration And Testing

We'll work with your team and the vehicle manufacturer for smooth integration and thorough testing.

Backend and App integration

We'll connect our IoT devices to your systems for seamless communication.

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Technical Support And Training

Count on our ongoing support and training for efficient eBike-sharing operations.

Launch And Scale

Confidently launch your service and grow your business with our IoT solutions in place.

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Get In Touch With Us

Embrace the future of eBike sharing with AuroraElectrico’s cutting-edge IoT solutions.