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As a leading GPS-enabled electric scooter supplier, we understand the crucial role that GPS and geolocation technologies play in the rapidly growing shared electric scooter industry. These technologies are essential in providing an efficient, user-friendly, and sustainable transportation option for riders.

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Benefits of Our Electric Scooter GPS Positing & Geolocation Technology

Our IOT devices are equipped with 2.5 high-precision GPS, enabling accurate positioning even in indoor environments or areas with weak signals. We are currently the only electric scooter supplier in the industry to offer this advanced technology.

As a top GPS-enabled electric scooter supplier, our electric scooters offer high-precision 2.5m real-time location, making it simple for riders to find and use them, even indoors or in areas with weak signals.

Better Electric Scooter Management with Location-Based Services

Our location-based services help manage the scooter fleet by providing up-to-date information on availability, location, and battery status. This helps operators improve their services and maintain well-balanced scooter distribution.

Increased Safety and Security with Electric Scooter Geolocation Technology

Our electric scooters have geofencing, creating specific riding zones and preventing unauthorized use. Tilt detection alerts operators about possible scooter misuse, while intrusion detection sends warnings if unauthorized access occurs.

Custom Audio Alerts for Enjoyable Rides

Our electric scooters come with customizable audio alerts, giving riders helpful warnings and ensuring a pleasant riding experience.

Comparing Our Electric Scooter Location-Based Services to Competitors

In the electric scooter market, certain issues have arisen due to limitations in the technology. We’ve identified these problems and crafted innovative solutions to overcome them, setting our offerings apart and positioning us as a leader in the industry.

Challenge 1: Inaccurate GPS Positioning

  • Many factory struggles with imprecise GPS data, leading to misplaced scooters and inefficient fleet management.
  • Our Solution: We offer high-precision 2.5m real-time location data, ensuring accurate positioning even in indoor or weak signal areas, providing a seamless rider experience, and improving fleet management.
advanced location services

Challenge 2: Inconsistent Quality

  • Some producers purchase their products from various suppliers to assemble, resulting in inconsistent quality and limited customization options.
  • Our Solution: We manufacture our electric scooters in-house, ensuring superior product quality, and functionality, and offering innovative location-based services and customizable features.
security and theft prevention

Challenge 3: Limited Safety and Security Features

  • A lot of electric scooters provider may lack advanced safety and security features, such as real-time alerts for vehicle tilting or intrusion.
  • Our Solution: Our geolocation technology includes advanced safety features like vehicle tilt detection, intrusion alerts, and customizable audio warnings, providing peace of mind for both riders and operators.
remote control and monitoring

Company History and Mission | About Us

Year 1

Company founded with a mission to revolutionize the electric scooter industry by focusing on GPS positioning and geolocation technologies.

Year 1

Year 2

Developed first-generation GPS-enabled electric scooters and received positive feedback from users.

Year 2

Year 3

Identified areas for improvement, such as indoor and weak signal positioning, and started developing second-generation scooters.

Year 3

Year 4

Launched second-generation scooters with 2.5-meter high-precision GPS technology, solving indoor and weak signal positioning issues.

Year 4

Year 5

Continued to innovate and develop new features, such as geofencing, tilt detection, and customizable voice alerts.

Year 5

Year 6

Expanded the business to become a leading GPS-enabled electric scooter supplier, providing advanced solutions to customers worldwide. And be the first to manufacture GPS-enabled electric scooters for the individual market.

Year 6

Why Choose Us As Your GPS-enabled electric scooter supplier?

By choosing us as your GPS-enabled electric scooter supplier, you’ll enjoy several advantages that address the pain points commonly found in the industry. Our turnkey e-scooter solutions help you avoid the challenges associated with sourcing components from third-party suppliers and dealing with multiple parties.

Key Advantages Of Our Turnkey E-scooter Sharing solutions

Efficient communication

Working with us eliminates the need for coordinating with multiple suppliers, reducing project delays and ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

Seamless integration

Our in-house manufacturing and R&D capabilities allow us to address potential compatibility issues, such as communication protocols, preventing project interruptions and ensuring that all components work together seamlessly.

Faster project completion

By providing a complete, integrated solution, we help you expedite project timelines, allowing you to launch your e-scooter fleet faster and more efficiently.


Our all-in-one solution helps you minimize expenses associated with sourcing and assembling various components, leading to long-term cost savings.

Technical expertise

Our commitment to research and development allows us to stay ahead of the competition, continually innovating and improving our products to provide the best solutions for our clients.

Our dedication to R&D and in-house manufacturing allows us to offer unique and reliable solutions that competitors simply cannot match. That’s why many clients switch to our products, and we continue to invest time and effort in creating the best e-scooters on the market. Easy to launch your shared business, we have step-by-step guidance on how to start. For more details, please click here

IOT Features: Revolutionizing Electric Scooters

Creating a shared electric scooter with advanced IOT technology is challenging, but we've accomplished this by focusing on user experience and efficiency. Aurora Electrico’s scooter has unique features that set us apart from competitors:
e scooter iot connected side angle

Multiple Network Support

Our scooter supports various network modes such as 2G, NB, and LTM cat M1, ensuring stable and secure connections.

LTM CAT M1: Imported from Italy, this premium chip offers a compact size, strong connection stability. Unlike other suppliers that rely on locally produced chips, we chose an international brand to enhance data privacy and sensitivity, emphasizing our commitment to user security.

Tilt Detection

Monitors the scooter’s tilt status to prevent misuse and enhance safety.

High-Precision GPS

2.5-meter accuracy ensures precise scooter location and tracking.

Voice Prompts and TFT Display

Provides user-friendly instructions and real-time information on the scooter’s status.

Turn Signals

Integrated left and right turn signals, a unique feature not found in other provider’ scooters.

Remote Battery Compartment Unlock

Allows for easy battery access and maintenance.

Adjustable Speed Limit

Remotely set the maximum speed limit up to 25 km/h for safety and compliance.


Ensures scooters are used only within designated areas and enables efficient fleet management.

LED Status Indicator

Displays the scooter’s availability with green or red lights based on its operational status.

Regular Self-Check

Performs automatic diagnostics to ensure the scooter’s optimal performance.

Battery Options

Choose between two battery capacities, 15 Ah or 17 Ah, to cater to various user preferences and range requirements.

By embracing advanced IoT technology and prioritizing user privacy and data security, our IOT shared-oriented electric scooters can become your reliable top supplier.

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Have you ever heard customers complain about saving up for an electric scooter, only for it to be stolen shortly after? We’ve heard these grievances all too often. That’s why we’re introducing our innovative GPS-enabled electric scooters, specifically designed for the individual market.

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e scooter iot connected 45 degree back angle

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Give customers peace of mind with our smart anti-theft solution.

e scooter iot connected top angle

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Reach people who didn't buy scooters before because of theft fears, growing your market.

rear light

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Offer great support and real-time tracking to build customer loyalty.

long term cost savings

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