#1 Electric Scooter Manufacturer & Shared Scooter Fleet IoT Solution Provider

Aurora Electrico Is Your #1 Technical Electric Scooter Manufacturer & Supplier In China

 We design & built the motor controller by ourselves, which is the critical part of the electric scooter to determine its performance.

 We have rather stringent criteria when choosing batteries

 We have been using quality parts and has reasonable quality control (QC) measures in place

 We design and manufacture IoT devices with GPS for the better management of the shared fleet

 Our rent-level shared scooters have been tested by countless users in the real world more than the most

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We Are Not The Simple E-Scooter Assembly Plant, We Are

motor controller for e-scooter
Electric Speed Controller Manufacturer

The motor controller is the key component to regulates the flow of current from the battery to the motor in an electric scooter

iot controller for e-scooter
IoT Controller Manufacturer

As the key part of a sharing e-scooter, IoT hardware provides lots of features such as remotely lock & unlock, GPS to prevent theft, OTA remote upgrade, and more to help manage fleets

foldable electric scooter
E-Scooter Manufacturer

Being an excellent reputable electric scooter manufacturer, we have used quality parts with established brands to produce scooters. All of them are built under our stringent QC management.

This comprehensive page is the ultimate resource that includes all information about the electric scooter manufacturer. You will learn about the advantages of our factory, key points to consider when importing e-scooters from China, tips for choosing a scooter, why we could be your reliable scooter partner, market conditions, local regulations, and gain some market news to help you with your growing business.

This page is divided into a few sections. Feel free to use the links above to jump straight to what you are looking for. We recommend reading the whole page cause you will get other catches for sure

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    Brief Introduction About Our Factory

    Our story began in 2015 when Self-Balancing E-Scooters were at their peak. Many e-commerce sellers were selling our products like crazy across Europe and the United States at that time.

    In 2017, a group of engineers got together to develop the hidden brain of a shared e-scooter – The IoT hardware.

    It provides technical support for fleet operators to better manage their electric scooters and e-bikes.

    Our IoT device designed based on the TELIT with build-in GPS has got lots of positive feedback. With its much higher accuracy and stability, people can even locate their scooter indoors.

    It supports a TFT display screen, a richer display interface, voice prompt, etc.

    In 2020, we began designing and building our motor controller and getting into the e-scooter and e-bike hardware market and has become a solid e-scooter and electric bike manufacturer in China.

    Our products are well received by many brands. What’s more, the motor controller can work smoothly with our own IoT hardware.

    They are fully compatible with faster development cycles for the sharing scooter projects.

    We are trying to be one of the best electric scooter manufacturers worldwide.

    Hot Selling Electric Scooters

    2 wheels electric scooter
    2 Wheel Electric Scooter
    3 wheels electric scooter
    3 Wheel Electric Scooter
    mini electric scooter
    Mini Electric Scooter
    fat tire electric scooter
    Fat Tire Electric Scooter
    off road electric scooter
    Offroad Electric Scooter
    folding electric scooter
    Foldable (folding) Electric Scooter
    1500w electric scooter
    1500W Electric Scooter
    shared electric scooter
    Shared Electric Scooter

    OEM & ODM E-Scooters Manufacturer & Service

    an engineer are designing e-scooter

    Aurora Electrico has a group of experts dedicated to producing electric scooters and e-bikes.

    Unlike most assembly factories who do not produce any parts of the scooter themselves, but instead, they buy motors from one place, batteries, controllers from another, and then make them all together before selling. 

    We develop and manufacture the most critical part of the e-scooter — the Motor controller!

    We maintain long-term and stable cooperation with well-known battery manufacturers. 

    We have the most core components, so it is not difficult for us whether you need OEM or ODM.

    Our OEM products are available in Europe, the USA, Australia, South America, and Japan. They are high-quality, competitive prices with a fast delivery time.

    We will give you the most professional advice and configuration options. Whether you are brand holders or sharing operators, we can provide you with the best quality OEM and ODM services.

    Rent Level Sharing E-Scooters

    Our sharing electric scooters with IoT controllers help shared mobility operators manage and scale their fleets easily

    We engineer practical IoT hardware to power scooter intelligence for startups by providing the whole Shared E-Scooter Fleets Solutions:

    IoT device + Electric Scooter + App + Administration Console

    shared e scooter fleets solutions

    Compatible IoT Hardware and Motor Controller

    E-scooter hardware and software(mobile app & database) are two major things involved in the electric scooter renting business. They depend on each other closely.

    The IoT device controls and monitors the scooter motor controller through a serial communication protocol. Since we produce both IoT hardware and motor controller, they are compatible when they are created.

    However, If you have your e-scooters, we can provide technical support to match them.

    Our IoT device connects your App via Bluetooth protocol and it connects to the database & data management via TCP socket. We provide corresponding communication protocol technical support.

    iot hardware compatible with motor controller

    Our IoT controller features that make running an electric scooter sharing business as easy as pie

    • High-precision Built in GPS to prevent theft and hacking
    • Turn signal control
    • Remote lock and unlock
    • Support TFT display – A richer display interface and Remote update icon
    • Voice prompt(Low battery voice prompt, outside low speed zone and more)
    • OTA remote upgrade
    • Dumping detection
    • Extra FALSH to increase the storage of pictures

    Our rent-level shared scooters have been tested by countless users in the real world more than the most. Despite some differences in structures between shared scooters and consumer scooters, the principle of detail and quality we’ve been guided never change

    What Makes Us Stand Out?

    Because we are serious

    China products are sometimes mislabeled as poor quality. We believe this is far from the truth. The low price does not always mean low quality. Each of our scooters is produced under strict inspection in every step. Our intensive quality inspection has maintained a failure rate of less than 0.3%.

    Because we focus on key parts

    We have access to the core components- The motor controller and IoT hardware. That's the main reason we can offer premium build quality scooters at a compatible price.

    Because we are easy to communicate with

    Our technical director speaks good English, and we often have technical video conferences with our clients. Everyone in Aurora Electrico works hard, and you always get the fastest response

    Because we know the market trend

    We study local regulations, and as an industry source, we are happy to share market dynamics. We often give our clients advice on choosing configurations on scooters according to the market trends. For example, turn signals and built-in GPS are two new and potentially powerful features for the consumer scooter market.

    Because we know the technology

    We are not only the electric scooter maker but also the solution provider. We are a technical-based company focusing on stand-alone and networked electric controllers. We've been writing a series of technical blog posts on our website where you can figure out almost all your concerns

    Because we will save your time on a project

    Our home-grown hardware is so compatible with each other that you don't have to worry about protocol issues when managing your scooter fleet. Plus, we like and are used to communicating efficiently and quickly. Whether it's an ODM or a shared scooter project, you can get what you want quickly

    How We Make Our Electric Scooters High Quality?

    We had rather stringent criteria when producing electric scooters as we have deeply realized and put the reliability and safety of scooters above all others


    We're not a company looking to make a quick buck. We believe we are on the deck of the scooter to make great mobility products. We are willing to keep the complexity for ourselves and the simplicity for our customers. This is the fundamental policy of our company, and all rest actions are just translated this polity into an actual item.

    Good Materials Only

    We are deeply aware that high-quality products can only be produced with high-quality raw materials. We have always avoided using under-powered motors, low-capacity batteries, or weak brakes to make any electric scooter

    Well-experienced Workers

    They are essential parts of improving and maintaining high-quality e-scooters. We often organize production training meetings, and we go out for a picnic or picnic every month. We are a group of an enthusiastic, warm, and loving team

    high quality scooter

    Strong R&D team

    Our strong R&D team ensures your new OEM & ODM project in less time at lower prices with higher quality. Defective products were avoided from the time of design. And they could always design a scooter at an inexpensive cost with good quality

    Excellent machines and test instruments

    Advanced laser cutting machines improve processing efficiency while ensuring precision. We have complete test instruments such as the motor performance test machine, battery capacitance tester, high voltage tester for scooter chargers, equipment to simulate the vibrations during transportation, and more. These equipment types are inspected and adjusted in every step of processing to avoid defective ones.

    We Make Each Scooter Under Strict Mechanical And Electrical Test

    scooter mechanical tests

    Mechanical Tests

    Vibration, shock, wheel rotation, crush, and mold stress

    scooter carrying capacity test

    Carrying Capacity Test

    Test maximum loading capacity

    scooter motor test

    Motor Performance Test

    Motor overload, motor locked rotor, rotate speed and more

    scooter battery test

    Battery Capacity Test

    Overcharge, short circuit, over-discharge, isolation resistance, imbalanced charging and more

    scooter shipping test

    Vibration Shipping Test

    e scooter drop test

    Fall Resistance Test

    Top Electric Scooter Manufacturers

    Electric scooters have become a standard mobility transportation tool in cities and urban areas, increasing demand.

    As the cost is more affordable than Electric bikes, Escotter is easier for new players. The electric scooter market prediction will keep increasing 30% during 2021-2028.

    If you want to get some market share in electric scooters, below ten best electric scooter manufacturers & brands will help you:

    Zapp Scooters Limited

    • Website: https://zappev.com/
    • Location: UK
    • Company type: manufacturing & branding
    • Year Founded: 2017
    • Key Products: Electric motorcycles, Electric scooters

    Zapp is a British company founded in 2017 and based in Norfolk, UK.

    In 2017 developed I300 electric motorcycles and is one of the fastest accelerating motorcycles in the market, and got lots of awards: won the Silver Award at the 2019 European Design Award; won an A’ Design Award & Competition award for the 2019-2020 year; won the Gold Award at the 2020 MUSE Design Awards.

    Zapp all-electric vehicles designed and manufactured in the UK aim to provide high-performance electric motorcycles and scooters to the world.

    Yamaha Motor Corporation

    • Website: https://yamaha-motor.com/
    • Location: Japan, USA
    • Company type: manufacturing & branding
    • Year Founded: 1993
    • Key Products: Electric Motorcycle, Electric Ebike, Electric Scooters, Outboard Motors, Boats

    Yamaha Motor is a Japanese company established in 1993 and have different branch company in Asia, North America, and Europe.

    The main product line includes two-wheel electric motorcycles and E scooters, Outdoor boats, 3-wheel electric motorcycles, electric systems to improve rider experience.

    Yamaha Motor has a vast network globally, and you could easily find a local store to buy directly from them.

    Yadea Technology Group Co., Ltd. 

    • Website:https://www.yadea.com/
    • Location: Jiangsu, China
    • Company type: manufacturing & branding
    • Year Founded: 2001
    • Key Products: Electric two-wheeler, electric tricycle, electric scooter, electric folding car

    Yadea group is the World’s Largest Production Capacity of Electric two-wheelers manufacturer, as Yadea has eight owned and operated production bases that provide reliable large-scale manufacturing.

    Yadea has a strong design team who have rich experience in designing electric scooters for many years, and every year will have the newest products launched into a different market.

    So Yadea can meet different rider needs for other use, you could easily find Yadea electric scooter in your local area. Yadea has a vast sale network, 80+ countries, 50+ million users globally, 35000+ retailers, 3000+ distributors.

    Yadea has always been committed to providing sustainable and green electric transportation, responding to the national call for carbon neutrality, and taking energy saving and emission reduction as the core goal of the company’s independent contribution. After 20 years of development, Yadea has sold more than 50 million electric two-wheelers.

    Niu Technologies

    • Website: https://www.niu.com
    • Location: Beijing & Jiangsu, China
    • Company type: manufacturing & branding
    • Year Founded: 2014
    • Number of Employees: 2000+
    • Key Products: Outdoor sports electric scooter, 2-wheel electric scooter, Three-wheeled electric motorcycle

    NIU Technologies provides intelligent city travel solutions committed to providing global users with more convenient and environmentally friendly intelligent city travel tools.

    Mavericks is the lifestyle brand for urban travel, spreading the brand’s message of technology, fashion, and freedom.

    Niu is a company founded in 2014 and located in Jiangsu, China. At present, it has launched calf electric NQI, MQi, UQI, RQI, TQI and other electric bicycle series, electric motorcycle, peripheral cultural products NIU POWER, and professional outdoor sports bicycle Niu Aero.

    As a lithium-ion two-wheel electric vehicle enterprise, calf electric opened up the intelligent two-wheel electric vehicle in this new category.

    At the same time, calf electric’s own NIU INSPIRE intelligent technology and big data algorithms, which are embedded in sensors throughout the vehicle’s body, multi-dimensional collection and analysis of user data, mining user demand for cycling, continuous optimization of product line distribution, improve product experience and service. 

    By the first quarter of 2020, the company had sold more than 1.1 million smart two-wheeled electric vehicles worldwide, with 1,033 franchise stores in China and 1,050 at the end of the last quarter. Its international distribution network extends to 33 dealers, covering 42 countries and regions.

    SEGWAY INC & Ninebot

    Segway-Ninebot is a global enterprise in the field of intelligent short-distance transportation and service robots. The company’s businesses are international, selling products in more than 80 countries and regions.

    Ninebot’s corporate valuation has exceeded $1.5 billion. With world-renowned intellectual property, Segway-Ninebot aims to lead the users and the entire industry into the future.

    Segway is specially focused on electric scooters and takes significant market share globally, has consumer level, professional with IoT shared business and commercial electric scooters. Also, provide all accessories, including the back seat, battery, and lock.

    Segway-Ninebot has different stores and stock in over 60+ countries, and you could easily find the stock in your local area.

    Razor USA LLC

    • Website: https://razor.com/
    • Location: California, USA
    • Company type: manufacturing & branding
    • Year Founded: 2000
    • Key Products: manual and electric scooters & bicycles, personal transporters

    Razor is a USA-based company founded in 2000, and the main products include kick scooters, Hoverboards, Electric scooters, Electric rides, Skateboards & Ripestiks, Trikes & Skates, Jr.Rides, and accessories.

    Razor designs all products, and some spare parts or accessories are imported from China or Taiwan direct factories. Razor also supports customization based on your needs, and you could find a service center near you to help you solve the problem you meet.

    Razor provides a competitive range from kids to adults, and the cost is affordable more accessible for a new buyer to try smart mobility transportation.

    Ather Energy

    Ather Energy is an Indian electric vehicle company based in Bangalore, India. It was founded in 2013, and it manufactures two electric scooters – the Ather 450X and the Ather 450 Plus.

    It has also established an electric vehicle charging infrastructure across the country called Ather Grid.

    Ather Energy began operations at its production facility in Hosur, Tamil Nadu, on January 2, 2021. The new Ather factory has an annual capacity of 1,10,000 scooters and 1,20,000 battery packs. The company currently has a presence in 27 cities across 15 states.

    Ather Energy also establishes Ather Grid, an electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the cities it is present in. The company has set up over 220 fast charging points in 23 cities across India as of November 2021.

    Gogoro Inc

    Gogoro is a manufacturer of electric scooters and battery development. Its vehicles have anti-lock braking systems, ABS tires, front suspensions, swappable batteries, tail grips, anti-theft systems, and an integrated app displaying battery levels and vehicle performance.

    It operates battery swapping stations across commercial areas such as parking lots and supermarkets. Its swappable batteries are encased in aluminum and are waterproof.

    The electric scooter items are Gogoro 1 series, Gogoro 2 series, Gogoro 3 series, and Gogoro VIVA, one of the most intelligent electric scooters in the market.

    Aurora Electrico

    • Website: https://auroraelectrico.com/
    • Location: China
    • Company type: manufacturing & engineering
    • Key Products: Electric Bikes, Electric Scooters

    Aurora Electrico has concentrated on electric scooters manufacturing & design since 2014 in China, with having 7+ independent production lines for different steps. Our monthly output is 20,000pcs to meet up customers’ quick delivery time.

    Also, have 40+ team members in the R&D team to take care of any OEM & ODM request based on your target market and users, including consumer market, IoT shared market, business market, etc…

    The most important part is the quality control, all the factory equipped with new advanced with a modern management system to guarantee 100% electric scooters works perfectly before ship out.

    Have 50+ different steps QC check in every simple step from beginning to end. If you want to start an electric scooter business, this is the best choice to start with.

    Chick Here To See Top Electric Scooter Manufacturers In China

    Electric Scooter Manufacturer - The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    Why e-scooter is a great business nowadays?

    Compared to traditional transportation, electric scooters have become more popular recently because they are lightweight, fun to ride, and easy to store away when they’re not in use. People love scooters to save their time by getting from A to B quickly and efficiently.

    It is “The biggest transportation revolution since the jet era.”

    1, Safe
    Electric scooters provide a reliable way to commute to get people safe from avoiding public transit in the post-pandemic era

    2, Fun Riding
    Electric scooters are a fun way for people to get around town, whether they need to go home or get to the subway station

    3, Affordable
    Compared with vehicles, E-scooters are more affordable to students and office workers who are the specific group of consumers most likely to want to rent or to buy your scooters and service

    4, Easy to carry
    Easy to carry and move, especially in heavy traffic, people don’t have to worry about getting stuck in rush hour and being late

    5, Easy to park
    Parking is a significant problem for most people living in big cities, while an e-scooter could be parked easily at any time and any roadside parking spot

    6, Easy to travel
    Owing an electric scooter makes a short traveling easy like never before! Tourists on electric scooters can be seen anywhere in most tourist cities

    7, Environment friendly
    As we all know, ecology is of Paramount importance to Europeans.

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    How will an e-scooter help my business grow?

    Although more and more countries have started to offer policies such as the requirement of driver’s licenses to operate the micro-mobility status in the absence of electric scooter regulation. The trend is inevitable because electric scooters give people who can’t afford a car to gain access to a quick commute

    Which countries ban electric motorcycles?

    In the US, Electric motorbikes have been banned in these cities like: Ventura, West Hollywood, San Franciso and Davis

    What to Consider When Choosing an Electric Scooter Supplier?

    There is a range of things that need to be considered when choosing a reliable electric scooter manufacturer. With truth and honesty being a significant fact, it’s also crucial to check their R&D ability, industry experience, product warranty, certifications, and quality control department.

    Quality Control
    Quality is the most critical factor in determining the business’s success or failure. It would be best to consider it seriously before working with a scooter factory.

    Parts of Electric Scooters
    The factory’s brand components to produce the scooters can largely influence its final build quality.

    Critical components for the electric scooters are:

    Good quality batteries ensure a longer riding distance at a less charging time.
    Go and check what battery brand your supplier is using to produce scooters. And if the Chinese battery now is the only option, try to find good reputable manufacturers using quality batteries with very strict QC management.

    Motor Controller
    The controller is the brain of the single e-scooter that controls and regulates the flow of current from the battery to the motor in an electric scooter and gives overload protection. The nucleus module is between the scooter’s battery, controller, and motor. 

    Most quality scooters are equipped with BLDC(Brushless DC motor), which is more officiate, durable, quieter, and less overheating than brushed motors.



    UL2272 and CE EN17128:2020 are the two most common certifications for electric scooters.

    Certifications explain that manufacturers have taken their products through various performance tests to ensure safety, durability, and a comfortable riding experience.

    Purchase scooters from local manufactures or choose to import them from China?

    It is easier to purchase scooters from local brands without the hassle of importing them, but the visibility is very limited when you distribute them to end-users.

    The only reason worth taking a risk to import from China is the low cost. Although a small number of China scooter manufacturers with an established reputation, the good news is that there are still many lesser-known factories that can make outstanding quality electric scooters. And what you need to do is to identify and pick out these reputable suppliers

    Should I distribute branded scooters or create my own?

    Both of them have pros and cons. 

    Distributing branded scooters is more accessible and friendly for startups. You don’t have to waste time picking suppliers, and you can get marketing materials in minutes instead of spending time creating your own. Nowadays, many manufacturers have their stock across the EU and USA, which means you can provide consumers a fast delivery time without investing big money in stocking and considering the overstock risk. They are very popular in dropshipping. The Downsides are pretty obvious as well: low barriers attract a large number of people joining this industry, and you can only get a minimal margin, and it isn’t easy to create your value.

    Some of the e-scooters in the market are original designs, while many others are simply a single model with different brands’ labels put on.

    Creating your electric scooter takes time, but it is worthwhile to work hard on it if you want to build a solid and long-term value. More and more popular-looking public scooter models are less comparable to the private branded models because of the very competitive environment caused by the large poor-quality similar-looking scooters prevailing in the market. Add some new powerful features( turning lamp, advanced braking system, remote lock and unlock functions, etc.) to your own unique design electric scooter is our recommendation.

    Key Points to Consider When Importing e-scooters from China

    • Local Regulations
      • Regulation for importing E-scooters in the USA
        • In most cases, you can’t import electric scooters that go faster than 20 miles per hour, and they should not be equipped with horns, brake lights, turn signals, and rearview mirrors.
        • Some necessary documents are required when you are on customs clearance. We could help you prepare these customs files, making you import an e-scooter from China smoothly.
      • Regulation for importing E-scooters in Europe
        • High tariffs on Chinese electric mobility
        • Although the most recent tariffs have reached around 79% for electric goods, many certain exporters have got lower taxes, as they voluntarily provide information to the European Commission to prove themselves. Importers should consider these factors before purchasing.
        • Basic rules of E-scooter in Europe
          • The maximum speed of e-scooters is required to be less than 25km/h. 
          • From July 1, 2020, all the electric motorcycles appearing on the streets will be subject to the rule of having front and rear lights and a bell to alert pedestrians, which must be fitted with a braking system.
    • Shipping Method
      • There are three regular shipping ways for you to choose from
        • Shipping scooters by air takes the shortest time(5-7 days) at the highest cost. The cost may go much bigger than you thought due to its large volume.
        • Sea freight takes around 3-4 times the air, but it is the cheapest way among all shipping methods. It’s the most cost-effective way you need to consider, especially if you have tariffs above-average to pay
        • Rail freight might be suitable as it has an outstanding balance of cost and time.
    • Documents required for importing scooter from China
      • Commercial Invoice
        • A CI is required that includes the basic information of seller and buyer, quantity of goods, goods category(HS code), value, shipping cost…etc. Sellers usually prepare it.
      • Certification
        • Each country has its quality standards like the EU needs CE certification. MSDS sheets(Material Safety Data Sheets) are required for all battery-powered scooters.
      • Packing-list
        • The packing list shows the detailed lists of the e-scooters in each package. It includes the length, width, and height of each carton.
      • Bill of Lading
        • Bol is a legal document issued by the carrier to the shipper specifying the shipped goods’ type, quantity, and destination. It must be carried with the goods regardless of the way of transportation.

    Who is the best electric scooter manufacturer in China?

    China is the largest facility to manufacture electric scooters and mopeds globally.

    There are thousands of e-scooter factories, great and small, scattered right across the Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong, and Taiwan provinces in China. The most famous giants among them are Yadea, AIMA, and Xiaomi.

    Many EU and USA popular scooters are made in China. What these brands are most concerned about is the reputation and awareness of quality management of China electric scooter manufacturers.

    OKAI and Aurora Electrico are the two best scooter manufacturers with many good feedbacks in China. See the top 10 electric scooter suppliers in China

    Where are scooters manufacturered?

    There are three main places in the world that make e-scooters: China, Japan and Italy

    Are Chinese scooters any good?

    Many Chinese scooter makers can not control the build quality very well. However, not all Chiese scooters are in bad condition. You can still find reliable Chinese scooters or manufacturers to save your cost. 

    Many Chinese scooter brands or manufacturers do not produce anything, but rather they buy motors from one factory and get batteries from another, then assemble them all together. And some scooters are a similar-looking alternative to the branded models. But few Chinese companies with a good reputation, like Aurora Electrico, develop and produce key parts of e-scooters themselves, such as motor controllers, to ensure better stable quality.

    Are electric scooters illegal in public?

    • Different countries and states have different safety laws to electric scooter top speed or whether the scooter is legal riding on the streets.
    • Basically, electric scooters are not allowed on the high-speed street in almost all cases.
    • Two states of the United States are forbidden to ride e-scooter on public streets: Pennsylvania and Delaware.
    • 11 states of United States are forbidden to ride e-scooter on sidewalks: Connecticut, Kansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Wahington, Vermont, NorthDakota, Nebraska, New York, Montana, California
    • These states of United States have the law to limit the top speed to 10-20mph: New Jersey(19), Utah, Washington, Minnesota, California, Arkansas.
    • These states of United States have the law to limit the top speed to 20-30mph: Arizona, Georgia, New York, Oregon, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Virginia, Ohio, Georgia, Indiana, Florida, Marine, Missouri, Nevada, Connecticut, Michigan, Massachusetts, Maryland.
    • The most common speed limit for shared scooters is 10-15mph.
    • The minimum age allowed for electric scooter riding in the US is over 16, while helmets are required for all ages.

    How fast do electric scooters go?

    • The fastest electric scooter in the world can go up to 55km/h. However, due to the strict laws limiting the top speed, you would never get a chance to go that fast on the street.
    • The speed range of our electric scooters is from the commute level at 15mph all the way up to the performance level at 50mph.

    What factors impact e-scooter top speed?

    • Moter wattage and battery power are the most technical aspect of an electric scooter that influence its top speed. Besides that, other factors like tires type, surfaces, and rider’s weight influence e-scooter top speed.


    • The rider
      • The heavier the rider is, the more influential the motor needs to push out to reach the top speed. The heavy rider could exhaust the battery quicker. So always make sure to choose the scooter with maximum weight capacity way over your own


    • The surface(terrain type)
      • The terrain won’t influence your top speed if you live in a flat country and spend most of your commute through city streets.
      • However, steep hills and bumps, rocks, and dirt tracks will undoubtedly slow down an electric scooter speed as the motor need to work harder to avoid the scooter being dumped or sinking further into the ground.
      • You will need to find the off-road series scooters with a more powerful battery and motor built with quality frames and tires to handle complex and rugged terrain.


    • The battery level
      • A low battery level will trigger the controller to take into action to give less power to stop the battery from getting drained, so don’t always run the battery down to empty before charing it.


    • The tires
      • Different sizes of tires offer different abilities: wider tires boost the scooter’s ability to grip the ground that is widely used in complex terrain. Taller tires increase the scooter’s ground clearance getting it easier to pass over bumps and rocks but slow down the speed when riding up the hill, while short tires will have an effect on a scooter to its steep ability but lower down the top rate.

    Are electric scooters safe?

    The electric scooters are designed and built for safety with many security configurations.

    These include speed restrictions, suspension brakes, powerful headlights for a good view in the dark, bright brake lights, and even side-turning signal lamps for warning purposes.

    And some e-scooters have phone holders to provide a safe hands-free ride.

    However, It is necessary for riders to obey the safety laws as well. Wearing a helmet is a must when riding an electric scooter on the road.

    Any earphones that isolate sound around are not suggested. You need to follow the traffic rules to use the lights or horns correctly and be aware of your surroundings at any time.

    For first-time riders, it’s better to ride in off-peak times to avoid heavy traffic with low speed until being a skilled rider.

    How fast can an electric scooter charge?

    Different scooters can vary significantly on charing time. Some have to take 15-20 hours to charge fully. Some only need a few hours, like 4-5 hours.

    What to Look for in an Electric Scooter?

    It can be hard to pick the right electric scooter when you have many choices.

    There are some key considerations to choosing a perfect electric scooter:

    Riding Distance

    An e-scooter with a 25-30km range is ideal for most daily commute riders. It allows users to go about an average of 25km in their short journey before they need to recharge.

    Top Speed

    15mph on a scooter feels considerably faster than 15mph in a vehicle, and many cities have recently enacted laws that limit electric scooter speeds to 15 mph. Hence, the 15mph scooter line is our recommendation.

    Motor Power

    All e-scooters will have at least one motor, while some more powerful ones have dual motors.

    250 watts brushless single motor is our most recommended, which is suitable for most users


    Weight can be a big consideration when carrying your scooter upstairs or lifting it into a vehicle when transporting. A lightweight model determines whether you can take it easily and frequently.


    There are three types of suspension systems: spring, rubber, and piston. The best system is the combination of spring and piston.


    For practical daily use, the e-scooter needs to be foldable, lightweight, easy to carry around, and store. 


    There are two types of scooter tires: solid (airless) and pneumatic (air-filled) tires.

    The most significant advantage of air-filled tires is to give riders a vast improvement when riding over an uneven surface.

    Braking System

    An excellent electric scooter should feature a convenient handlebar braking system.

    There are different braking systems: Front Disc, Rear Disc + Electric, and E-ABS Front Brake Rear Disc Brake.

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    Where to find a reliable e scooter manufacturer in China?

    The best e-scooters in China can be found in a lot of ways.

    One thing you can do is find direct suppliers. You could check our article about the best e-scooter manufacturer in China to find the direct factories.

    Moreover, you can find suppliers through an online platform, like Alibaba, made in China, Global sources. There are a ton of suppliers on these platforms, but you need to pick out the genuine manufacturer with a good reputation.

    You can also contact a professional agent company to help you.

    What is the HS code of electric scooter?


    How reliable are UL2272 certified electric scooters?

    A UL 2272 test evaluates the energy and electrical shock hazard of a drive train system, battery, and charger combination.

    However, other safety aspects such as performance, quality, reliability, and physical hazards are not considered.

    In addition, to make sure e-scooters were representative, only representative samples were sent. It does not guarantee that every e-scooter that leaves the manufacturing facility will meet the requirements.

    So don’t just check UL2272. Instead, choosing e-scooters from trusted brands and retailers is still extremely important.

    What Is an Electric Scooter Controller?

    As a major determinant of the performance characteristics of a scooter, an electric scooter controller regulates the flow of power from the battery to the motor to control its speed.

    The controller gets input from the throttle and controls accurately how much current comes out of the battery. The controller also has regenerative braking on most scooters.

    That means when the brakes are activated, regenerative braking controllers can direct power back into the battery.

    Most electric scooters contain a single controller; however, high-performance scooters are usually equipped with two controllers to drive two motors.

    The principle behind the controller is simple:

    the motor controller is made of a processor that receives orders or requests signals from the battery, motor speed sensor, or brake sensor and gives a correct output signal such as to set the motor running at a specific speed.

    The hall sensors on the circuit board of the controller can monitor and control the motor speed.

    What are the benefits of long-range e-scooters?

    Long-range e-scooters provide longer riding time with more reliability and convenience. And you don’t have to recharge it frequently.

    There is nothing worse than being left stranded in the rain pulling your scooter home, and no one wants to recharge their scooter after just a few laps around the block.

    As a result, it is worthwhile to invest in a scooter that does not require frequent recharging if you ride your electric scooter a lot.

    However, long-range scooters are usually equipped with a larger battery, which would increase the total weight.

    It’s a trade-off between long riding distances and easy-to-carry electric scooters.

    What factors affect the range of e-scooter

    Several factors affect range, for instance, the battery capacity, weight of the scooter, energy utilization ratio, temperature, and your weight.

    You can’t control many of them, but you can easily make sure your tires are inflated.

    Keep your tires properly inflated for the maximum range!