Launch, operate and scale your E-scooter & E-bike sharing Business

Do you have your electric scooter or electric bike but missing the IoT hardware to connect to your App and Console? 

Congratulations, you are in the right place!

We will offer you a suitable IoT device with technical support to work smoothly with your system, making you running an electric scooter sharing business as easy as pie

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With an annual production capacity of 200,000 vehicles, including all of our products

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We shipped 300,000 sets shared electric scooters per month

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With a production base of 15000 square meters, a strong production capacity guarantee

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Over 7 years of IoT intelligence experience and a deep understanding of the micro shared travel market

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    Why Aurora Electrico's IoT Right For Your Fleet?

    iot controller

    Advanced Research and development capabilities

    According to the deep demand of the shared mobility market, we have the leading capability of the self-designed and developed Motor controller and IoT Intelligent Control Module of electric scooter and E-bikes

    design mobility

    Focus on shared scooter design

    Dedicated to the shared mobility market for years, we can not only bear the stringent quality requirements and harsh use conditions of shared traveling but also need cost-effective to meet the budget of sharing business partners.

    odm ebike service

    Quick response to customer needs

    Dedicated R & D team and efficient service sales team can quickly connect to sharing business  customer’s needs, to provide solutions within 24 hours

    producing e bike

    Strong production and supply chain integration capability

    We have assembly plants in 3 cities in China. We can increase production capacity at any time to meet customer’s delivery requirements according to customer’s order quantity

    Our Solutions For IoT Electric Scooter

    Hardware and Services

    We not only provide hardware, we also provide software docking services, and operators of the App and platform for rapid docking. We also share our rich experience in the sharing industry to help customers design and produce better products.

    Rich experience in product design

    For the shared travel market, product design needs to take into account the cost, appearance, and durability, we need to consider many aspects of the market will also be fully researched and finalized products

    Diversified Solutions

    Our products range from electric scooters, electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, electric goods vehicles, etc., can meet the needs of different shared travel

    Features Of Our IoT Hardware For E-Scooter



    Geofencing scooters can limit risks by restricting riders into certain areas when created. The electric motor will stop working when the riders cross the geofence boundary

    turn signal lights control

    Turn Signal Lights Control

    Get the function of remote control for the left & right turn signal light and brake light by pressing the button on the IoT display fixed on the handlebar

    external flash memeroy

    External Flash Memeroy

    External flash increases the storage of images and icons showing on the interface display

    lock scooter remotely

    Lock & Unlock Remotely

    Operators can achieve the functions of lock and unlock to the fleet from their back-stage management. Users can also lock and unlock their mobility remotely by using the App

    tft display

    Compatible With TFT Display

    Rich content and fast refresh TFT LCD display allows you to use it showing a dynamic and colorful content

    ota firmware updates

    OTA updates

    Remotely images and voice prompts updating

    Firmware remotely updates

    scooter dumped detection

    Dumped Detection

    With our IoT controller and embedded sensors, operators can easily know whether the scooter is upright or not. A warning text would be sent when the scooter has been dumped on its side

    battery monitor

    Battery Monitor

    Monitor real-time battery status with low battery reminder function

    data collection

    Real-time Data Collection

    Getting the real-time data from the background quickly, such as speed, riding distance, mileage, forecast the remainder range, temperature of motors and mainboard of e-scooter or e-bike

    gps tracking

    GPS- High Precision Positioning, even indoor

    Our solution was developed based on the ME301G1 module from Telit, which is an ideal solution for fleet management with small size and low power consumption.

    Telit is a public company listed on AIM that offers high-performance IoT modules located in London, UK

    One of the great features of our IoT device is its high-precision positioning. Fleet managers can track their micro-mobility easily.

    The weak GNSS signal is likely to fail to pass through most indoor rooms, however, our models were tested by our clients saying they were allowed to know the location of their vehicles in the indoor space

    safety alert

    Other safety alert

    Warnings would be triggered when someone trying to take IoT hardware off or shake or break the vehicles

    Ordering Shared E-Scooter Solution From Us

    E-scooter or e-bike hardware and software(mobile app & database) are two major things involved in the electric scooter renting business. They depend on each other closely.

    Step 1

    Do you have your mobility?

    If you already have your e-scooter or e-bike, skip to step 3

    high quality scooter
    e scooters list

    Step 2

    Choose your mobility from our list

    Rent-level scooters need to be tough enough bearing a long time riding without riders too much care

    We could recommend a good electric scooter or bike with a durable frame to you.

    Step 3

    Tell us your requirements for the IoT device

    Do you want to fully customize the IoT hardware? You can customize the color, appearance, QR code. and more.

    Build-in IoT hardware (Embedded on the handlebar) or external IoT, which one do you prefer?

    What functions do you need to manage your fleet?

    iot hardware for e scooter
    iot hardware compatible with motor controller

    Step 4

    Talking with your mobility manufacturer

    We will communicate with the factory who is your e-bike or e-scooter supplier.

    We provide serial communication protocol and technical support to match our IoT hardware to the motor controller of your mobility.

    It will be much faster to move your project if you choose our e-scooter, as we produce both IoT hardware and motor controller, they are compatible when they are created.

    Step 5

    Connect your App

    Our IoT device connects your App via Bluetooth protocol and it connects to the database & data management via TCP socket.

    We provide corresponding communication protocol technical support

    e scooter app
    electric scooter

    Step 6

    Sample Confirmation

    Samples would be sent once they are ready, it’s the last step for your project before mass production

    Customized Prompt Tone We Made For Our Clients Who Operating Fleets

    Custom Interface Display

    interface display

    Aurora Electrico

    About Us

    shared scooter

    Aurora Electrio is not only a hardware provider for electric scooters and E bikes, but also provides software docking services such as apps and Web platforms for shared travel customers. We have a wealth of practical experience in all aspects of the process in shared mobility business and market, from the perspective of the operator to think about all-round issues, and we will share the experience and insights.

    production of e bike

    Aurora Electrio has built a reputation in the sharing market both at home and abroad through years of effort, and we have partnered with well-known companies both at home and abroad, to provide turnkey solutions for customers from electric scooters to electric bicycles. With our core research and development capabilities and experience in Motor controller and IoT control modules, as well as its internal structure design and assembly capabilities for electric bicycles and scooters, we have the ability to develop products that are cost-effective and can withstand the rigors of shared travel

    production of e scooter

    We can not only help to share market partners in product development and design gap with peers but also can take advantage of the rich production experience, rapid response to large customer demands through the ability to quickly deliver finished products.

    Huge Opportunity of Individual IoT Mobility Market

    People at the moment connect their electric scooter or e-bike with the App created by their supplier via Bluetooth, Wifi, or LORA. Users can lock their mobility, monitor and check their riding data and status in this way.

    However, as a wireless communication technology in a short distance, Bluetooth is not suitable when people are far away from their vehicle.

    How To Prevent The Theft?

    Due to the most e-bikes are pretty expensive in anything between $1000-$3000, an urgent and serious problem needs to face at once, that is, how to prevent the theft and to warn ahead of time.

    One of the effective solutions is to have vehicles gain access to the Internet. With GPS function having on the embedded IoT hardware, users can set vehicles remotely via their phone. The features include:

    • Lock & Unlock remotely
    • Checking the position anywhere
    • Monitor status and data remotely, like battery status and riding speed.
    • OTA frimaware updates
    • Warnings ahead of time
    • Notify the police via push alert
    • Dumped detection

    We’re seeing an exciting trend where IoT technology is going to use at the individual level.

    Electric scooters or Electric bikes connected to the Internet will fill a real gap in the consumer market.

    Seize opportunities offered by new markets and talk to our specialist now!