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City and urban electric bikes are a broad category of e-bikes. Almost all kinds of e-bikes sold today would work great as city & urban bikes; you can even ride electric mountain bikes on the crowded street and feel comfortable; however, it is not the best use of it.

Keeping the best use of the city and urban electric bikes in mind to build the best suitable ones that are perfectly fitted to specific users will drive up your bike standout quickly among its peers.

City and urban e-bikes are a small segment of the larger commuter bike category. They are the niche products specifically for short-range commutes in traffic-clogged city environments; most of them are lighter and have less power and range compared to the typical commuter e-bikes.

People often use the city & urban e-bikes to either cruise in densely populated city streets or scoot blocks to the office. So the product that needs to be built should be compact, lightweight, fold up, quick enough to get through pedestrians, and more.

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    What critical criteria do you want to consider when building city and urban electric bikes


    When choosing or creating a city e-bike, the first question you need to ask yourself is whether the bike is light enough for easy carrying around and lifting to elevators or stairs and does it has a great fold-up mechanism for easy throwing into the back of the cars

    Portability is a highly-weighted factor that impacts people’s buying decisions, and in our experience, the weight of any city and urban e-bikes should be lower than 50lb.


    With apparent demand in their mind, users will save a considerable cost by picking up city e-bikes with a shorter distance and getting benefits of their portability.

    So you don’t have to make the range of your city e-bike last as long as the pure commuter does, but it needs to provide a full solid day of riding on a single charge.

    Riding when out of power

    When the e-bike is out of power, people will get strained with a dead battery and heavier than a standard bicycle that has to pedal home entirely under human power.

    With more and more people pedaling their e-bikes without electrical involvement, you will have to make your bike easy to pedal when with the motor off.

    You could use 250w to 350w hub, not a heavy motor that can give enough power when needed but use a slightly lighter battery to power it to ensure an effortless ride like a standard bike.


    Make it more upper right body position for an efficient pedaling position

    What pros a city and urban e-bike should have

    With tons of reviews and comparisons of e-bikes in this category, we made a list of features and advantages that can fit people’s points when choosing urban e-bikes for their daily commuting.

    Try to meet as many features and advantages as listed below when you choose or build a city e-bike.

    • The nice-looking bicycle that people can not tell is an e-bike at first glance because of its unnoticed motor and battery that are nicely integrated into the frame.
    • Lightweight at around 30-35lb
    • Not super powerful on the paper motor but can provide enough energy when needed, the motor can deliver smooth and gentle power to give a friendly pedaling without being overwhelming
    • Quick engagement motor with cadence sensor that can give riders assistance immediately at the moment they put effort
    • Solid steel frame with included racks for carrying belongings needs
    • Belt drive for less frequent maintenance requirement
    • Wider handlebars for comfortable grip
    • Reasonable gear ratio drivetrains for better working on steep hills and at low speeds
    • Bosh mid-drive motor system
    • Suspension seatpost
    • More carbon materials are used on the body of the e-bike, making the bike lighter
    • An adjustable stem

    What AuroraElectrio Could Do For You?

    OEM and ODM Service

    With many years of rich experience in the electric bike world and our attention to detail, we own a lot of e-bikes that are fast, durable, and chock-full featured. We are happy to receive your inquiry about our products, and all products on our list can be made under your brands.

    We are also professional in creating a new e-bike based on your specific demands. We have a solid supportive R&D team that can make your dream come true.

    Your reliable e-bike partner

    Who We Are

    Our self-balanced scooters were widely accepted in North America and Europe in the year 2015 when our story began.

    With the increasing demands from our clients, our technical team has been developing the IoT controller for shared electric scooters and e-bikes afterward.

    And after getting a lot of very positive feedback, we think we could do something more based on our resources and advantages accumulated over the years. So we got into the market of electric bikes a few years ago.

    At first, we faced challenges, and one was to choose reliable battery suppliers. We got some complaints at the beginning, but we finally overcame the barriers. Our growing supply chain and the challenges we met have shaped what we are today and what we could do to our customers.

    We offer various kinds of ebikes for brand owners, retailers, wholesalers, and fleet operators. We do both OEM and ODM services that are getting more and more good feedback.

    We only choose well-known brands parts to assemble the ebike that is produced under the rigorous quality control process.