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 Strict quality inspection process in every production step, making sure the defective rate less than 0.3%

Fat Tire eBike Growing Rapidly

Fat tire bikes are birthed for exploring complex terrains unkind to the tires on the standard bikes, such as deep sand, soft snow, and mud. 

Although fat-tire bikes look cool and can bring confidence and stability to riders, the fat tire standard bicycles weren’t as popular as what they look like today until they went to work with the electric parts. Because the motor makes these heavier fat tire bicycles more friendly to ride. They are adopted rapidly into almost every electric bike category.


Here on this page, you are gonna follow us to explore the fat tire eBikes. You will know what specifications fat tire eBikes have, what are their advantages, how to evaluate the performance of a fat tire bike, and most importantly, what you could do to make your fat tire electric bike

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    What Is A Fat Tire Electric Bike?

    A fat-tire eBike is an eBike with fat tires that are typically twice thicker than standard bikes. Any tire 3” or wider is considered a fat tire. Fat tires can improve their grip and balance on more challenging surfaces such as light off-road, dirt paths, and gravel paths to give riders a better comfortable feeling and confidence.

    Fat Tire eBike Specifications

    The width of the fat tires ranges anywhere from 4” to 4.8” compared to the standard bicycles from 2.0” to 3.0”, while 4” tires are what we often see on most typical fat tire eBikes, 4.8” is known as super fat tires used on few extreme performance bikes.

    The tire pressure, measured in PSI (Pounds Per Square Inch), is generally changeable on fat tires compared to the fixed traditional tire. Hight pressure, say 30psi, works better on the paved bike paths and gravel roads than lower PSI such as 5psi, which is more suitable for sand, snow, or other soft surface conditions, providing a more comfortable feeling.

    The fat tires usually require a larger rim, which adds four to five pounds on average to the bike’s weight. Fat tire eBikes are typically heavier than eBikes in other categories, which can push having an excellent brake performance to be a challenge.

    fat tire ebike ride on sand

    What Are Advantages Of Fat Tire eBike?


    Capable of riding in the bad weather

    Fat tire eBikes can handle themselves well in almost all kinds of weather conditions. It is capable on dirt roads with snow or mud and gives you good support grasping the ground, especially in wet weather, so you don’t have to worry about slipping or sinking in the light off-roads.


    Adaptable to more complex terrains

    Despite the fat tire eBikes were initially designed and thrived on snow, mud, sand, and many other surfaces unkind to your standard bicycle tire, they have evolved into more performance eBikes that make them adaptable to more complex terrains such as light single track and mountain style trails. 

    That’s not to say they can ride on more challenging terrains as eMTB do, but fat tire eBikes can bring a lot of fun for new or gentle riders when they explore less accessible roads.


    Give you comfortable riding.

    Fat tire eBikes can bring more comfort for long-distance riding on different kinds of roads, that is because one, people can change their tire pressure depending on where they are, giving you more suitable suspension, and two, they are solid and well built with extra-elastic rubber that can absorb shock or vibration significantly. They can continuously improve your confidence going through more complex terrains by giving you a sturdy feeling and how well they are put together.


    Increase the stopping power

    One of the significant factors contributing to how quickly an eBike comes to a stop is the size of tires it uses. Bigger size fat tires are generally more aggressive with more tread and rubbers on them to drag across the ground, increasing the performance of the brake.

    Few Criteria To Evaluate How A Fat Tire eBike Performs?


    It will consume more power from the battery to the motor to spin tires that big. And once the bike runs out of its power, you will get stranded with a dead battery and have a heavier than usual bike that is inefficient and has to pedal home without at least a little bit of assistance.

    So you want your fat tire eBike to have a battery to back its tires up to last.


    Well build

    Not only should the fat tire eBikes looks solid and sturdy, but also they can give you a feeling of how well they are put together.

    See How AuroraElectrio Do Quality Inspection For Our eBikes.

    finished product quality inspection



    The fat tire eBike typically requires a stronger motor with more power output to keep everything rolling compared to eBikes in other categories. 

    You may wonder how fast your bike can go and how it feels underneath when accelerating.

    A good way of power delivery for an excellent eBike should be pedaling-friendly, safe, uniform, strong, and measured without overwhelming.



    Because of their enormous size and heavier tires, It is challenging to keep balance when going through corners at high speed, and the fat tire eBikes need to handle their weight well on more difficult roads.



    Because of the larger contact area and the changeable tire pressure, as we mentioned before, the fat tires can soak up bumps better than others, so they ought to give you a more comfortable feeling, especially during long-distance riding. Try to compare the fat tire bike among its peers in the same category for how well they can take the edge off the bumpy roads on different terrains.



    Most fat tire eBikes can not compete with electric mountain bikes for holding themselves on heavy off-roads or mountain trials. However, many users still want their fat-tire bikes to be capable of some little challenged conditions like single track, snowy, or sand less accessible roads. And that differs from different manufacturers depending on what components they use, the constructions, and how stable the bike feels. So the fat tire ebike you choose needs to be more durable and capable.

    As A Manufacturer, What Can You Do To Build A Fat Tire eBike That Stand Out From The Pack?

    The common features of high sales volume fat tire eBikes

    • Powerful and torquey. 750 watt rear hub branded motor is what you could find on many other eBikes in this category.
    • Larger capacity battery. The 672-720Wh integrated battery is what we could often see on many fat tire eBikes.


    Some fantastic little details that could be added to make a fat tire eBike a great value

    • Percentage battery readout
    • It ships as a class 2 eBike, but people can unlock it easily to class 3 in the settings in the display.
    • Included metal sturdy fenders
    • Optional front and rear racks with more load capacity
    • Hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors
    • Intergraded headlight that can be turned and off via display
    • Taillight mounted on the left or right side of the seat stay should be discreet but bright enough to catch people’s attention or cars around users.
    • Branded drivetrain
    • Optional step over or step-through frames
    • Included or optional suspension seat post


    5 Ways To Create differentiation to make a fat-tire eBike a highly appealing standout in that competition

    Defining your specific customers is crucial to do before trying to create differentiation on your eBike. Finding the demands from your target consumers and multiplying features to meet their requirements is the key to standing out from your peers.

    Based on our experience after checking a ton of fat tire eBikes in the market, we’d like to share some blockbusters to make your bikes unique.


    1, Gentle output

    A motor from 750 to 1000 watts is what you could see on many eBikes in this category, which has often focused on aggressive power; they seemingly give riders access to a full 750 watts at the very beginning from a stop. It is an excellent setup for people who like superpowers the moment they start pedaling. But you can do something different:

    Make your eBike integrated with the same 750w hub motor and keep it plenty torquey when going uphill, but adjust it to deliver power more gentle and smooth at low speeds and gradually grow when it gets up speeds. That would be a massive deal for the first-time buyers who are a big part of purchasing fat tire electric bikes. New or more gentle riders want the power delivery predictable and controllable. A torquey with easy controllable power delivery bike will undoubtedly satisfy them.


    2, Make it foldable and small

    Accessible to transport and store are two critical but easily overlooked features that many other fat tire electric bikes don’t claim.

    Fat tire eBikes are seemingly built with ‘’bigger is better’‘ in mind. They are considered giant monsters typically riding on the off-roads; they often give you a feeling of aggressive, heavy, and oversized.

    However, you can take a different.

    Build an electric bike combining fatter tires with smaller than average bike frames and make it foldable, bringing a lot of fun when exploring less accessible terrains.

    A fat, fun, and foldable eBike will be a big deal for most commuters who want some little adventures after getting off work by not affecting the feature of easily carrying around on their daily commuting.


    3, Make it more capable.

    The fat tire eBikes are not designed to compete with eMTBs; however, you can make an exception by making it a trail-style eBike closer to the eMTBs in terms of off-road capability. That means a lot for people who like to experience 90% of eMTB’s performance at a much lower cost.

    What can you do to make it capable?
    • Use ultra-powerful motors such as 1000 watts and choose a bigger battery to match these energy demands.
    • Use torque sensor. Torque is a significant factor affecting steep hill or rugged terrain passing ability; The torque sensor on the bike helps people pedal precisely by detecting how much pressure users put into the crank.
    • Choose rigid fork suspension to absorb shakes and vibrations on rough roads.
    • Use at least 4.5”-width good, performing tires; make sure they are comfy enough to smooth out bumps.
    • For a powerful bike, you need to have a good brake with piston hydraulic disc brakes instead of two to make a quick stop going downhills.


    4, Find the sweet spot between the value and the range.

    To provide a longer ride, some manufacturers have a far more extensive than average 720Wh battery on their eBike, and sometimes they even have dual battery setups. However, these setups will particularly push the bike’s price over $2500.

    So what we could do is find the sweet spot that provides a long ride at a reasonable price by choosing a slightly larger than the average battery, such as 800 Wh or 900 Wh.


    5, Make speed and power vary in each pedal assist level.

    Many affordable fat tire eBikes deliver considerable power to get you up to speed quickly, but they miss the variation in how much speed users can get from different padel assist levels.

    You could make both speed and power changeable between each PAS; the power delivery needs to feel gentler at lower PAS and grow stronger at higher PAS.

    three Ways to success

    What We Can Do To Help You Build Awesome Fat Tire eBikes

    OEM Service

    oem service

    Serious riders want a high-performance long-range electric bike with a big battery and powerful motor, while an easy-to-carry ebike with a less capacity yet lighter battery and a weaker motor is likely a good choice for daily commuters.

    You may want to find some niche products specifically targeted to your prospects. We have almost all kinds of e-bikes for every type of rider for you to pick up!

    Feel free to put your brand on well-chosen ebikes certificated with the standard test of CE and UL with a solid one year warranty

    ODM Service

    odm ebike service

    Popular-looking public model e-bikes are becoming less comparable to the unique private models due to the increasing competition. As a brand builder, you may want o to create your style bikes to match the tone of your brand.

    With a strong R&D team and rich ODM experience setting down in years, we can give you a quick response with professional recommendations to move your ODM project fast.

    It’s going to take just a few months to finish the whole project, from getting the sketch design to large lot manufacture

    IoT Device For Shared EBike Fleet

    a lady is going to unlock a shared e-bike

    As a fast and fun alternative to public transportation, shared electric bikes have been growing rapidly in the US and Europe. It’s a great ‘last-mile’ solution for commuters getting to work without having to crowd onto subways or busses during a pandemic.

    Giants like Bird and Lime launched their sharing e-bike fleets in 2021, and now it’s an excellent opportunity for most other operators to get into the sharing ebike market.

    With our insert IoT controller, you can easily manage your fleet by getting features of tracing positioning, App control, OTA update, and more.


    Niche Fat tire eBikes

    fat tire ebike for hunting
    Fat Tire eBike For Hunting

    Hunting fat-tire eBike is designed for outdoors people such as campers, hunters, and fishers.

    What they would need is their hunting bikes, including

    • A powerful motor with long-range,
    • Hydraulic disc brake for a quick stop,
    • An advanced suspension fork for absorbing impact,
    • An included suspension seat post for comfort in a long ride,
    • Fat tires with more elastic rubbers, which make the bike capable of handling rugged trails.
    • And most importantly, have customizable options such as a wheeled trailer, solar charger keeping the battery active, and front and rear racks with high capacity.
    folding fat tire ebike
    Folding Fat tire eBike

    An easily accessible electric bike with a lower stepover frame can bring a big benefit for smaller or shorter riders. And the fact that it can be easily folded and thrown into the back of many cars is a huge plus for many riders. Try to reduce the bike’s weight by choosing a lightweight yet durable made frame, which contributes to its portability.

    fat tire ebike for short people
    Fat Tire eBikes For Short People

    The step-through frame makes it accessible enough for short users to join the fat tire eBike family without feeling overly large.

    all terrian ebike
    All Terrian Fat tire eBike

    Ultra-powerful motors with large capacity battery, full inverted fork suspensions, four-piston hydraulic disc brakes, and large tires are the standard parts manufacturers often equipped with for all-terrain eBikes. They are very close to the electric mountain bikes in terms of comfort and control riding on more challenging roads like double track and fire roads.

    Who We Are?

    Perfessional E-Scooter & E-Bike Manufacturer

    Our factory strictly follows the ISO quality system production and quality control, providing provide a full range of services & high-quality products. to overseas customers.

    From product ID design to IoT control module and finished product assembly, we are the only electric bike supplier in China that can support you from 0 to 100, addressing all the industry’s pain points, not just a simple electric bike assembly plant. partner cooperation experience.

    Getting Samples Process

    1. Send Request

    Drop us an email to introduce your OEM & ODM needs in details

    2. Confirm Sample

    We will study your needs and make a professional guide to confirm your needs, such as power, speed, motor, controller, etc. We will confirm your product configuration and get signed, then start to make some designs.

    3. Manufacture

    You will need to make payment in advance based on your samples PI, if need to do ODM for a new design you need to pay a new tooling and development cost.

    4. Ship sample

    Before making a sample shipment we will do complete performance testing, we will take videos and detailed photos for your approval. If everything is OK, we will make the shipment immediately to your door

    5. Sample Evaluation

    After you receive samples, you will do your own testing on the performance, appearance, function, etc.

    6. Bulk Order

    After sample approval, we could start with trial orders based on your logo and performance.