Shared Electric Scooter Rental Services


Have you noticed the rise in eco-friendly transportation lately? Shared electric scooters are taking the world by storm! They’re not just helping our planet by cutting down on carbon emissions, but also easing traffic jams in busy cities. People everywhere are hopping on these green rides to zip around town. Let’s take a closer look […]

How Can Efficient Management and Operations For Shared E-Scooter fleet

shared e scooter fleet

Are you struggling to maximize the potential of your shared scooter Operation? With the scooter-sharing industry booming, businesses face numerous challenges in monitoring, managing, and maintaining their scooters. In this article, we’ll delve into the importance of building a skilled fleet management team, the role of IoT devices’ ineffective scooter monitoring, and how our unique […]

How much money you can earn with a shared e-scooter business

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The Earning Potential of a Scooter-Sharing Business Thinking of diving into the electric scooter-sharing market but unsure about the potential earnings? Look no further! Shared mobility businesses have been thriving, thanks to the growing demand for eco-friendly transportation and convenient last-mile solutions in bustling urban areas. In this article, we’ll break down the factors that […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Shared E-Scooter Regulations Around the World

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The shared electric scooter market has exploded in recent years, revolutionizing urban transportation and offering a convenient, eco-friendly alternative to traditional modes of travel. With their easy access and affordability, IOT electric shared scooters have quickly become an essential part of modern city life. The Importance of Understanding Regulations: As the shared Electric scooter IOT […]

How Important Is IoT Hardware For A Shared Fleet Of Electric Scooters?

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No one can deny the importance of Internet of Things (IoT) technology in the rise of “e-transport” as the mode of transportation of the future. Scooters for shared use have internet access. If the connection isn’t set up right and you can’t talk to the fleet, costs can quickly add up. What purpose does the […]

Top Electric Scooter Manufacturers In China

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Demand for electric scooters has soared in the past few years as micro-transport-sharing companies have adopted and promoted them in more and more big cities. This efficient and convenient mode of transportation has raised the user’s awareness of electric scooters and gradually become an indispensable means of transportation for people to move short distances. At […]

How Does The eBike Display Controller Was Made?

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Most eBikes have one piece of LCD or LED display mounted on the center of the handlebar while few others have two, the second of which is always placed on the side of the bar. The display provides basic riding information such as speed, range, and battery remaining for the riders, in addition to allowing […]

A Complete Guide To eBike Batteries- Explained

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Any electric vehicle’s most costly and riskiest component is its battery pack. In the case of e-bikes and other LEVs (Light Electric Vehicles), the battery cost may account for as much as half of the whole price. If the battery isn’t powerful enough, then the eBike won’t be able to go very far before needing […]

Everything You Want To Know About The eBike Motor

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The most important part of the eBike is its motor. It is the heart and soul of the structure and functionality of the ebike. The eBike motor is responsible for powering up different parts of the bike which enable you to accelerate and climb hills while being on your ebike. This article is going to […]