What Kind Of Quality Control Do We Have For E-Bike?

An e-bike is made up of many components each of which would be a factor to affects the quality of the final product. Motor, controller, frame, pedals, suspension, tires, throttle, and other accessories usually come from different manufacturers.
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Why Constant QC Is So Important Throughout The E-Bike Assembly Process?

An e-bike is made up of many components each of which would be a factor to affects the quality of the final product. Motor, controller, frame, pedals, suspension, tires, throttle, and other accessories usually come from different manufacturers. An electric bike manufacturer can not make sure all these parts are in good condition unless their policy of constant quality inspections could be taken into the real assembly process

Each electric bike we made undertake a stringent variety of performance & safety tests throughout every production step.

Incoming Raw Material Quality Check

raw materials arrive

Not all raw materials are produced in our own in-house manufacturing facility, we also have some stable accessories partners to meet our needs in past years.

For all outsourced materials arrive our warehouse, we will do spot checks or full inspections based on our IOS quality system. Our QC team will check the quantity, parameters, outlook, function, etc…

This is a very important step to guarantee the raw materials are 100% good before moving to the assembling line. This is the source to control the quality.

We have rather stringent criteria regarding the incoming materials inspection.

We keep all new arriving untested materials in a separate area first, and a material inspection receiving report is required for every test from our inspector, which contains the information of materials description, conditions of packing, conditions of contents, recommendations, and more.

Any material in a lousy condition not to match our standards would be rejected.

In-house Raw Material Quality Control

As we mentioned before, we produce motor controllers and IoT GPS modules by our team. We choose high-level chips and platforms to support stable and smooth operation solutions for our most important parts.

We have our own professional team doing SMT and automatic soldering, all workers are rich experienced, and skillful. During assembling, we will also do software and function testing, in the meantime we do outlook by visual inspection.

We also have an independent assembling line to Ebike and electric scooter frame manufacturing, from CNC, cutting, soldering, polish, painting, and varnish then labeling.

Every single step is environmentally friendly and needs skillful workers to operate. This is to make sure to have high accuracy and sturdy frame to keep long time driving and durable using. Nicely labeling your logo or brand can make better promotion in your local market.

Manufacturing Quality Control

Ebike & Electric Scooter Frame Test:

ebike frame hardness test

The e-bike frame is one of the parts that need the most attention. The test on the frame performance of cracking, breaking, and damping is part of our standard inspection process, which we call fatigue tests.

The test of electric bicycle frame is generally divided into strength test and rigidity test. Simply put, the strength test is the ability of the frame to resist permanent deformation and fracture under external forces.

Like the rubber and silicone in our lives, they are so strong that they can survive multiple impacts without cracking.

But it is not enough to have a high-strength frame, because the frame is the transmission of executive power during the use of the frame. It must maintain a certain rigidity to ensure the efficiency of the rider’s trampling.

Therefore, the frame in the use of force and the collision process is not easy to produce deformation capacity is called rigid. But like very rigid glass, we’re more worried about it cracking.

Assembling Quality Control:

a worker is inspecting an ebike

Key parts for the electric bike like motor and battery are well checked to ensure excellent performance before assembly.

For every order moved to the assembling line, we will do 100% raw material checking before starting does assembling.

And we will do several pre-production samples checking and signed, and do the samples quality, function testing.

Then start to do mass production. During mass production, we will have the QC team do spot-checking for every step. Every step is based on manufacturing SOP for every single product.

Our inspectors walk through the whole assembly process to ensure workers follow the correct process using the proper techniques by identifying and removing any possible errors.

Any braking, shifting, and driving defects would be eliminated during this process.

Finished Products Quality Control

All Electric bicycles and electric scooters will do a 100% quality check after finishing assembling.

Visual Inspection

Check if any parts are not clean or have scratches like the frame, check the logo or brand spelling is correct or not. Also check all chains, tires, brakes, welds, connectors are properly installed or assembled.

This step will figure out issues like missing parts, loose spokes in tires, wrong labels, noisy motors, visible scratches, center-off frame, and other dents parts.

Function Inspection

All electric bikes and scooters will be routinely tested by our QC Department for practical cycling to ensure that the bikes and scooters have the flexibility to go straight and turn, whether the front LCD display can display the driving data, and whether the normal connection APP and GPS positioning and through the mobile phone can automatically lock the bike and scooters and remote lock the bikes and scooters.

Whether the software is running smoothly and the connection stable.

Whether the brake is flexible and timely, the smart pedal can move normally, test whether the motor is abnormal sound in normal work, whether the tires and seats are installed correctly, etc.

Performance Inspection

Simulating the actual road conditions, speed test, climb test, braking test, shock absorption test, brake test, corner test on electric bicycle and scooter are carried out to ensure superior performance.

Riding Test

ebike riding test indoor

The primary purpose of the riding test is to ensure the e-bike can go in straight and turns and adapt to various terrains. The throttle, braking system, and motor assistance can work smoothly without a weird sound and out of the ordinary.

We ride our electric bike up and down the hillsides and other conditions simulated in our factory for performance and function riding tests.

The riding tests also include taking them outside to the mountain passes or other complex and rugged terrain to test their performance on acceleration, climbing, brake, and shock absorption.

Shipment Quality Control

For all-electric bikes and scooters, we do aging tests as well as performance tests before shipping.

Before the product is loaded and ready for shipment, the Aurora Electrico factory performs each shipment test based on the specific requirements of each distributor, brand, or shared enterprise customer, accessories (e. g. Charger, lighting, Keys, fenders) item list check, outer box label

We check labels, model numbers, barcodes, packaging and ensure the bike system is switched off with a battery installed. We make each bike conform to specifications before shipment.

To avoid missing anything, we also check accessories like user manuals, chargers, mudguards, keys, lighting kit, bike lock, information card, custom stickers, motor label, etc.


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